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Komali Nunna
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Komali Nunna was born in Southern India and moved to the United States after she got married. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Mal, and two kids. She is a chemist by profession and has an enduring passion for cooking gardening and entertaining. She learned the basic elements of entertaining prevalent in the United States and embellished them with vibrant fabrics and an aromatic Indian cuisine to form a unique, eclectic style.  Her style is a fusion of Eastern philosophy and Western style.

She feels inspired to entertain non-Indian guests with Indian food and décor to give them a glimpse of Indian culture and a taste of Indian food. As part of her repertoire, Komali has taught Indian cooking lessons for Indians as well as non-Indians. A local newspaper wrote articles about her as the Indian Martha Stewart.

After 25 years of enthusiastically entertaining her guests, inspired by the zeal to introduce Indian food, culture, traditions and the art of entertaining with an Indian theme to worldwide audiences, she has ventured to share her time-tested sumptuous recipes and her ideas on the finer aspects of entertaining. It is not just a cook book, it is an entertaining book and a coffee table book as well.

Entertaining From an Ethnic Indian Kitchen is a reflection of how Komali Nunna carries her ethnic Indian pride to a global platform.
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